Saturday, February 8, 2014

tourist in my new town... asian inspired burritos

Asian inspired burritos in Montreal? I've never heard of such a thing... Oh wait, that's because they're not from MTL but TO, my soon-to-be new town.

That's right, I'm moving west (just not as far as some might expect) to Toronto and I was there last weekend to drop off stuff at my new place with VDB and indulge in some proper Super Bowl weekend junk food. On the menu over the course of the three days was McDonalds cheeseburgers... Ikea hotdogs... beef jerky (for the drive) and some kick a$$ burritos from a local (to Lesliville) spot, Chino Locos.

I'd ssen Chino Locos on "You've Got to Eat Here" and was pretty sure it looked close to our new pad so we entered it in the GPS after a long day of shopping and BAM. It's only 5 minutes away. This will be trouble.

I ordered the fish burrito and VDB ordered the BBQ pulled pork. I asked the guy at the cash how best to order it and he said, "With chow mein of course," so I did and spicy.

It was awesome. The fish was perfectly moist and the chow mein and black beans married perfectly with guac and sour cream. So odd. And the level of spice was just right, enough to burn my lips but not too much to overwhelm the rest of the flavors. (VDB tried mine and said the heat of the medium was more his style.)

My fish burrito with pineapple soda in background.

Chino Locos has two locations, the one is Lesliville and one downtown. We'll be back often to try more and grab Mexican sodas that they also stock. Just don't be put off by the mish mash of lucky Asian charms (cat statues, etc.) with dia de la muerte figureines. I think it's charming.

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